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Our mission is to remain member-business-centric ensuring the network of businesses receive adequate positive exposure in the motor and related industries.

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We strive for vibrant economical growth in South Africa and the African Continent. As as per the “Competition Commission of South Africa, to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises have an equitable opportunity to participate in the economy”, through recognition and by association with the Auto Network Accreditation.

This we align with the Competition Commission of South Africa’s purpose, “to promote and maintain competition and the efficiency, adaptability to develop our economy; provide customers with competitive prices and product choices; promote employment and advance the social and economic welfare of all South Africans.”

Our Values

Auto Network was created out of the need to have options and choices. 

Honesty and Ethical

Business practices to allow for transparency and trust.


Forward Thinking in innovative ways.


Adding value to all in the Network providing consumers with competitive prices and quality product choices.

Enthusiasm and Energy

Promoting employment and advancing the Social and Economical welfare of all in South Africa.

Benefits & Services

Business Accreditation

and recognition through a service delivery platform (SDP) accreditation checklist developed to promote business growth, free / fair competition, and to not hinder entry nor discriminate against any business complying with Auto Network’s minimum required criteria.

Digital Services Provider

Intertech Solutions, a hosting and website development company who service clients through South Africa, will assist Auto Network with a range of services including:

  • Domain registrations from R100.00
  • Website from R1 250.00
    Online demo here
  • Email hosting from R50.00 pm
  • Social Media campaigns from R599.00

Auto Client CRM

Autoclient is a CRM System that will allow you to keep track of your customers, vehicles, services and notices combined into one system to make your business more professional. Similar CRM programs can sell from 599.00 per month, but will be included in our package


Load and Manage your client base with the easy to use client manager. Contact your clients via SMS or Email when needed

Upload vehicles to your client area and connect a service to the specific vehicle. Load technician notes, documents and service details

See reports on the demographics of your business, vehicles and services.

Auto Directory

is an online platform that will market Member Businesses with potential customers, through promotions and lucky draw prizes, allowing the related insurance industry a fair and competitive online promotional and advertising tool, bringing the motor industry businesses and insurance industry in closer collaboration through the Auto Network.

Member-Business Recognition and Marketing

with the consumer, allowing member-businesses the opportunity to be recognized through an outside accreditation stamp of approval, giving the customer peace of mind when dealing with Auto Network member-businesses in the African motor industry markets.

Usage of Auto Network logos and signage once a member-business achieves accreditation through the SDP checklist. This will include a Membership Certificate allowing business elevation through accreditation with Auto Network.

Prizes and giveaways

Auto Network will give back to its motor industry members-businesses and public (consumers) via prizes and giveaways.

About us

Auto Network was created out of a need to have options and more focused business choices.
Auto Network has a Member-Business-Centric approach, so what do we do:

We offer business accreditation at affordable prices, with 3 levels that can be achieved, Silver, Gold or Platinum, depending on your business premises, equipment and staffing.

Auto Network’s relevant and current business accreditation will recognize and distinguish your business as more marketable to potential customers, the Insurance industry and tender/government related institutions. The Operation Director of Auto Network, Erwin Stroebel, having worked in the Motor Industry for 20 years, has extensive experience in what your business needs are, knowingly distinguishing Auto Network as a logical choice, focusing on being a needs solution.

Other than business accreditation, Auto Network also have add-on extras that will assist you in marketing, managing and growing your business.
Who can join Auto Network? Today we have nearly 24 000 businesses in the Motor Industry sphere in South Africa, with only approximately a third being represented by other bodies. This leaves more than 60% unrepresented, either by choice or due to the current options being un-suitable or not financially viable. Auto Network identified this huge need in the market and wants to address the real needs of business in the Motor Industry with a workable and affordable solution.

Some Statistics

Auto Network was created out of the need to have options and choices.




per Week





Our Vision

Auto Network is business accreditation for workshops and related businesses in the motor industry. Auto Network strives to remain member-business-centric, focusing on promoting member-businesses to the broad public ensuring the Network of businesses receive exposure to promote productive business growth within the broader automotive network.

Review from Our Members

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